☆☆ in the making ☆☆

JEEPERS CREEPERS is a book collaboration between photographer Boris Camaca and I, published by Goswell Road in Oct. 2021. In the book, Camaca inhabits and photographs my work, we both entering into a parallel game.
Here’s an overview of some of my inspirations for the major pieces that appears in the book. And work-in-progress pictures of the making of them.

Untitled, 2021.
white used sneakers, metal. Variable sizes.

Untitled’s inspiration board:

Untitled’s work-in-progress pictures:

Final gown, 2021.
Handmade toga, unique piece. Sewn with 30 screen printed t-shirts with 3 different versions of the ‘Final’ logo, logo created for ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’ solo show. Variable sizes.

‘Final’ logo’s inspiration board:

Final gown’s work-in-progress pictures:

Untitled, 2021.
Handmade leather sling for the arm, unique piece. Leather, various objects. Variable sizes.

Untitled’s inspiration board: 

Untitled work-in-progress pictures: