Performance in collab. with Mathilde Fernandez for The Internet Psychoanalysis group show curated by Lauren Huret at LiveInYourHead, Head, Geneva.
Performance Evening on Friday, November 2, 2018, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

The Internet Psychoanalysis: A proposal by Lauren Huret with Celine Aernoudt, Pauline Coquart, Mathilde Fernandez & Cécile di Giovanni, Mathis Gasser & Angharad Williams, Nelson Schaub, Viktor.

“The psyche of the internet is a kind of inverted psychoanalytic concept. In the patient's chair, there would be the Internet in all its potentially psychotic, fantasized, ingested, and regurgitated dimensions, and in the role of the practitioner, students from HEAD and invited artists. The analysis process will take place over a single chaotic evening session, in a setup specially designed by the artists, interweaving performances, actions, readings, and objects of all dimensions."
  Text written by Lauren Huret.

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“Dirty Data / What's new on the web? / Internet Ballad 
1994: Surfing the web / Let's replace surfing with Charon's boat, let's take the web (the Net) as the one that prevents the prey from escaping.

In this new performance, we are particularly interested in YouTube and its young community.

Internet Ballad is a journey, a crossing of the 21st-century Styx that, with eyes wide open, revives the memories of some lost young internet users.

They are followers and haters, forever young, they are inexcusable, they get anxious, they are sorry, and they flirt with life.

Internet Ballad is a song. A song about the spectacle of every second of life. A song to Anxiety (Instagram itself has introduced an alert option when the daily scrolling hours exceed a certain limit). A song to the immortality of all these images that will remain forever etched, recorded, and traceable on the web, despite the passage of time, mistakes, and regrets.

Internet Ballad unfolds as an installation, a performance, but also as a 3D immersion developed in collaboration with Antony de Rueda, in which a boat crosses a river and gradually encounters the memories of the shocking videos on which we have based our work.

Cécile di Giovanni and Mathilde Fernandez capture the viewer's emotions, play with nervousness, and create a visual, auditory, and psychological tableau.

From Internet Ballad emerges a universal and collective memory. A memory that also raises unsettling reflections on the responsibility of the internet and its nauseating content and on what it means to be a human, especially a connected adolescent today.”

3D: Antony de Rueda
Logo: Lambert Duchesne
Style: Alya Derris