"I'll see you in the ether" curated by Jonny Negron with: Cécile di Giovanni, Nina Hartmann, Benjamin Kellogg,
Jonny Negron, Lisa Signorini.
Hunter Shaw Fine Arts, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Opening reception:
Sunday November 10, 5-8pm

Exhibition on view:
November 10 - December 22

“I’ll see you in the ether” brings together five artists whose works engage an esoteric dimension within the context of contemporary life, connecting timeless symbols, archetypes and iconography to the present world. The esoteric worldview functions as a lens through which each artist gains a unique view into realms of inner mystery. When perceiving the material world through this lens, the artist may observe emergent narrative resonances, and discern a level of symbolic meaning or archetypal significance within the unfolding of current events and daily routine. In this way, it is revealed that meaning is in the mind of the beholder. The significance of a fire, or a tree, or a triangle depends more upon the sensibilities of the perceiver than the inherent qualities of the thing itself. The mind is the limit of reality, the imagination its forge. What can be perceived in the imagination can be brought into reality if permitted by the mind of the perceiver. These artists work from this knowledge to create objects and images encoded with allegorical connotation and charged with symbolic intent. Apprehending the eternal power play between the primeval forces of darkness and light, these works emphasize the threshold between realms, the liminal zone exemplified by the infinitude of imagination, the astral plane, or virtual space.” 

Photos: Ruben DIaz.