22 of April, 2023
2:00 - 6.30 pm
Capc Museum, Bordeaux, France.

“In the Barbe à Papa exhibition, in front of her life-size billboard (see Dark Places: part II project), the artist Cécile di Giovanni sets up the site of a convention for an afternoon at the Capc Museum in Bordeaux, France. 
With: American Ghost Walk, Frédéric Rochette - Choeur de Gamers, Escape Hunt Bordeaux, Ray Keim and Alexandra Midal.
From this stand will follow a series of activities and discussions related to the murderous hotel of Doctor H. H. Holmes, the first serial killer in the United States: video game, escape game, model building, reading club, guided tour. Thus will emerge the outlines of a temporary community (a fan club) questionning the rewriting of history through games and derivative products.” 
Text by Cédric Fauq.

• 2:00 - 6:30 pm
Frédéric Rochette (Chœur de Gamers)
Live Twitch of The Dark Anthology: The Devil in Me (video game)
Ray Keim
paper model building
• 3:00 pm
Escape Hunt Bordeaux
Escape Game
• 4:30 pm
Alexandra Midal
La manufacture du meurtre : Vie et œuvre de H. H. Holmes, premier serial killer américain
• 5:45 pm
American Ghost Walk
Guided tour live broadcast from Holmes Castle murder’s site location in Chicago, Englewood.


Photos credits: Arthur Péquin


Two different paper models were distributed and offered to the audience to be built (pictures above): while the model designed by Ray Keim is a free interpretation of H. H. Holmes original hotel, the other model imagined by Cécile di Giovanni is a free interpretation of the present building - a post office - that now sits where the hotel once stood.

Click here to download Ray Keim’s paper model!
Click here to download Cécile di Giovanni’s paper model!


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